Thank you for your interest in the We Care fundraising program. We hope your will find this program to be an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your school, church, or other organization each time you shop at your local Lynn's DakotaMart or Lynn's Superfoods. We are aware of the increasing difficulty organizations face in acquiring sufficient funds to provide the necessary materials needed. We are also aware of extra needs that schoold and churches are confronted with on a daily basis. Today's budgets simply cannot keep up with the high cost demands.

Your local Lynn's DakotaMart or Lynn's Superfoods stores have the same concerns you do about providing the necessary needs for your community and that is why we started the We Care program. By encouraging your members to shop at Lynn's DakotaMart or Lynn's Superfoods and registering your organization, we can help you.

Participating in We Care is easy! After you register your organization for the program, simply have your school, church or other organization collect and save any Lynn's DakotaMart or Lynn's Superfoods register receipts. When your organization collects $10,000 in register receipts, bring them to your local DakotaMart or Lynn's Superfoods location and your organization will receive a check for $100. It's just that easy!

Like many fundraising programs, the rewards will be greater with a sustained and focused effort. Do your best to keep excitement high so as to maximize the impact for your organization. And remember, the more you shop at Lynn's, the more money you can earn for your school, church, and organization!

For more information about the We Care program, visit your local Lynn's Superfoods today. We will provide you with everything you need to get started.